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  1. Hi Dan/Erika-

    Thanks for all your help. What a great place. Erika thanks for the killer Mahi Dinner and Cold Beers. Good Times All around, made a lot of great friends there! Dan- Cheers to you for putting me on some good waves! See you soon- Alan

  2. FACE says:

    Hey Guys,
    Miss everything about Casa Surf, from wild man Dan and Ericas cooking to Denys Texas smokeout and Fishing with Bart. Can’t wait to come back and see you guys. Everything looks so green there right now.
    Hope all is well.
    We will be seeing you sometime again soon.
    Pura Vida


  3. La says:

    Awesome new website guys! I love the very green picture of you guys outside the hostel; I’ll have to come again when it looks like that. And I definitely want to see Osito surfing!

    Much love and pura vida!

  4. Laurisha says:

    THIS is such a BOMB looking site! And Everyone’s hot! Hahah… the place looks really comfy and welcoming! Congrats!

  5. Oliver says:

    Hi Erica and Dan,
    i love your place and the new site is outstanding. Good job, keep on going.
    I’ll come back soon for Erica’s unforgetable smoothies!


  6. Jessica says:

    Really good, generous servings of food. After a surf you can be so hungry, your fish dinners were just what the doctor ordered. Gracias por todo Pura Vida

  7. Pierre says:

    Hi Dan/Erika,

    Thanks for making my stay very cosy. Besides, I think Casa surf is very well situated and playa avellanas is certainly one of the best spot to surf in Costa Rica.
    So for anyone who wishes to practice his favorite sport, this is definitely a great place to stay.

    Cheers !


  8. Dorothy says:

    Dan & Erica ….. ayyy I miss you guys!! Casa Surf and my time in Avellanas has SUCH a special place in my heart….you guys are amazing… i came for 3 days, and stayed for 2 weeks! Much love to ya both!

  9. emile says:

    dan and erica-

    miss you guys! looks like you’ve had some good days since we left. can’t wait it get back and ride with you again 😉

  10. Chris says:

    Had a great time with you guys,awesome hostel right next to great surfing breaks.Felt like a home away from home,Thanks a ton

  11. Dennis says:

    Love the website. See you in 2012.

  12. Hey Erica and Dan…
    When it comes to staying somewhere it’s always about the vibe of the people. You two certainly have great welcoming honest energy….Thank you Thank you!! And Erica I freaking love you, I am so glad that I got to spend so much time hanging with you, walking on the beach laughing and simply chilling over some yummy food. Pura Vida for sure!!

  13. Jarret says:

    Dan and Erica,
    You guys are the flipping best! Thanks for the amazing experience and hospitality. Dan you are a great teacher. I tell everyone in the States about your little place! Keep doing what you’re doing because it is amazing. Sorry for the snakes, but I hope you learned a bit. If I am ever back in Costa Rica, I will pay you a visit! Praying for you two!

  14. Nick says:

    Hi Guys,
    Sorry for taking so long to get back in contact, had a great time surfing with you all and staying in with you. Would recommend it to anyone else I meet, im busy setting up my website now and once I get a links section going il add you. Hope your all doing well and catching plenty of waves.

  15. Jessica says:

    Dan & Erica,
    Thanks so much for everything! I had a great time staying with you in Avellanas. Fun lessons, delicious food, and beautiful beaches. What’s not to love? Hope to be back soon!!


  16. Sammie Fendig says:

    I had such a great time hanging out with you guys in paradise! I miss it everyday. Thanks for such a great stay and being the definition of PURA VIDA. I’m sure I’ll be back, sometime soon.

  17. Alan Boyd says:

    Hey Dan/Erika!

    Hope all is well. Miss you guys. Hope you are getting some great weather and waves. Tell everybody Jess and I said Hi! See you soon hopefully.

  18. casa-surf says:

    It works!!

  19. Hank Marley says:

    Casa surf Kicks Asssss!!! Spent last Christmas there and it was great. Dan and Erica are the best and the surfing is ridiculous! Sunsets, beer, surf, chicas, perfect temps, Lolita the biggest swimming pig ever!!! I’m saving right now to get back as soon as possible. I’ll try to upload pics next time. Keep the dream alive Erica and Dan!!!

  20. Daniel says:

    Dan & Erica made our stay wicked as could be, glad to have made Thier aquatints. A must stop for future visits in that area.
    Hope the rain has come for you.

  21. Mia says:

    Hello my lovely friends from Casa Surf,

    we are back in Germany and both of us feel very sad and kind of disapointed here in this cold, cold city!
    Right now Leif is at work, he already started yesterday and is pretty much fucked up with the situation.

    I am here on my computer again, trying to find out about what to do and where to go…!
    i made you a big music folder and i will try to send it to you now.

    So you should get soon some E-Mails by “file2send” and all you have to do is follow the instructions to download what i have uploaded before.

    Let me know, if it works, o.k.?

    See you hopefully so very soon, un beso grande y un abrazo enorme, cheerio, Mia & Leif

  22. Nelson says:

    Hi Casa Surf !

    Once again than you for your hospitality! Dan and Erica, you made Avellanas/Casa Surf a place wonderful, full of magic and fantastic encounters.
    Dan thanks for sharing your knowledge on surf and showing me your beach. Always a pleasure surfing with a friend and turtles in super hot pristine water and with perfect chest to head high offshore waves. Will definitely come back to score again !
    Erica miss our discussions on philosophy and films!
    Take care,

  23. zeno malan says:

    Just spent two days at Casa Surf and the accommodations and hospitality couldn’t have been better!

    Thanks Erica and Dan,

    Zeno Malan (and Tim)

  24. David Hagen says:

    Dan and Erica,

    We had a blast hanging out with y’all last week! Thanks for the great hospitality, helpful lessons, and awesome food! Hope to make it back sometime! Check out the video we put together of our trip to Costa Rica.

    Pura Vida,
    David, Jon, and Tim

  25. Michael says:

    Dan and Erica!

    Great folks, nice place! Avellanas a Surf paradise! I can’t wait to go back; I fell in love with that beach right at the moment I got off the boardwalk and had the first sightening of that white sand and beautiful sun hitting the coast

    I really loved my stay in Casa Surf. It’s a chillin place with a lot of rustic feeling going on which fills you with tons of mellowness and good vibes

    I had been in Playa panama, brasilito, conchal, tamarindo, hermosa and playas del coco but none of them can compair to the beauty avellanas has

    Besides that kila and osito make it very cozy too lol 🙂

    thank you guys for all the attention the good food the nice talk and as well for the always inconditional relaxed smiling which makes one feel like there is not really anything to worry about when you are staying in Casa Surf( this makes it feel like home to me as well ) as I mentioned before I am definitely gonna recommend you guys with all my surfer friends from Costa Rica you definitely deserve it. Rebeca and Daniel had a great time and say that you guys are muy tuanis and pura vida!

    Here I share with you some of the best shots I took in avellanas


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