Little Hawaii is a seriously epic wave. It is super receptive to all swell angles, and the reef amplifies all of the oceans power into beastly walls of water with perfect shape. Offshore winds groom the wave nearly year round.

Coming from a land of right hand point breaks (Nova Scotia), I was worried about surfing only beachies in Costa Rica… Well, this beauty on the North end of Playa Avellanas put that to rest. It resembles Outside Osbournes on steroids and in warm water, for all you fellow Scotians.

Little Hawaii starts out with an insane heaving section that many people are scared to take off on. A radical drop leads into a nice wall that’s great for a hard cutback, which forms into another bowling section (where most people drop in). After the second long and fast bowl there is about 100 yards of wall that you can hack apart. When your legs are ready to give out the wave merges with the shore break to create a barreling race track to the beach

When there’s a swell the wave will break all day, regardless of the tides. There are many times when I find this wave going off and surf it for hours by myself or with a buddy. I personally like it on a low tide where it is fast and bowls the majority of the ride. However, on a higher tide the wave will break bigger, slower and much more open for hammering out turns.

April 2011

So next time you’re looking for a sick surf vacation and you see a stacked swell on the Costa Rica forecast, head down to Casa Surf and check out Little Hawaii along with all of the other great waves of Playa Avellanas!

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  1. CJ says:

    Looks Sick!

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