Playa Avellanas is a majestic place where you are always in direct contact with nature. A pristine beach fringed with palms and mangroves provides an ecosystem full of pictureque wildlife and amazing waves.

Our friend and neighbour, Gustavo Jimenez of Selva Azul Photography, has dedicated much time photographing some of the perfection that Avellanas showcases. Gustavo has been taking some incredible shots and really knows how to capture the moment of any situation. From monkeys swinging branch to branch to mind blowing sunsets, he has it covered.

When it comes to surf photography, Selva Azul is the best. Gustavo focuses on capturing a surfer at the peak of his ride while including all of the natural surroundings, which turns his work into a true art form. Quality over quantity is his motto, and after a session with him you will recieve a picture that you will be stoked on for the rest of your life.

Whether you have been to Avellanas before, or simply interested in some breath taking photos, we strongly recommend you check out his amazing work at

We are proud to say that he has provided us with the majority of photos featured on our web page, and would like to give him a big shout out! Thank you amigo!!






4 Responses to Selva Azul Photography

  1. Kelli Gibson says:

    Totally awesome photography! Avellanas has one of the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen, great job at capturing that beauty. And surf photos never get old! Muy bien!

  2. Sammie Fendig says:

    Sick photos! Great detail and diversity in your pics. Definitely does Avellanas justice. Keep it up.

  3. alonso says:

    pura casa surf! dale gustavo!! fotos excellentes! muchas gracias por todo.

  4. gerardo says:

    Buenas fotos mop me extraña en el agua nos vemos!!!!!

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